Gone baby Gone ….

In a few days I’ll be off again to My favorite beach location.    This winter has been the WORST all over the country.  I can’t stand one more day of it.  Even if it rains, I could care less.  85 degrees and raining is SO much better than -10 and snowing.  again.

I’ve been focusing on the TRIBUTE aspect again of Financial Domination.  I love the gifts, but I’m literally running out of space, and I have SO much from My admirers and boys over the years – so I’ve implemented a few new BALLS DEEP options that have proved perfect for MY Greedy ways.   My good boys are still hitting up My wish list as needed, but I def have called off the frenzy that has been MY Legendary Wishlist.  Also, it’s just not as much fun not being able to see the gift count anymore, and limited the pages.  I literally had HUNDREDS of pages.    My main wish list can still only be accessed by a link given to you by Me, the rest continue to be public.   My vacation list is about to be closed, as any gifts coming wouldn’t arrive in time, so technically you failed to provide the ENTIRE list — you should think about ME more and less about yourself and your SELFISH ways.   In order to serve Me properly – I expect that, and will receive that or you will be blacklisted and then you’ll have to PAY even more for forgiveness.

little bunny came back for more exposure so he’s been hit for 1k so far, and he will be cleaning houses via craigslist and handing that extra income to Me.

My little toy came back and spent 2k and then rannnnn like the wind.  he can’t resist My perfect little tush though.  he can’t help but dream of sniffing it while I take his ENTIRE bank balance.   he still has an assignment to complete for Me, and has a reward waiting for him, so I know he will come back with his hard weak dumb stick ready to perform for Me.

of course, ankle biter came thru with a $3400 direct — walked into the bank and deposited it to My account for My beach getaway, and then I hit him with $400 in airfare and another $600 BECAUSE I said so.  I asked him how he was able to scrape up the last $600 because I only gave him 9 days notice, and he said ” I delayed every bill known to man for you ”  HAHAH I laughed soooo hard when he told Me that.  HAHAHAHA he’s going to get some AMAZINGGGGGG photos of Me soaking up his money on the beach !!!!!!!!

I robbed TM of $700 the other night and $500 tonight.   he’s performing well so far.  we will see if he cracks under the pressure.  HAHAH.  he’s SO in love with Me, he can’t help it.

of course My sissybear is My faithful little bitch, who has serious VAG envy.  $250  and of course, SHE always pays for MY lash fluffings like the good wanna bitch girl she is.   I’ve already warned her that she will be maxing out MY one account for MARCH.  HAHAH get ready little girl.  I’m going balls deep in your wanna be VAGINA ! 😀  little m came around and spent fast and furiously $1100 – it was hottttttt.

My aussie admirer also sent some funds for ME and weakling bitch sent an expensive bikini, but now is lost in the wind like the weak chicken fuck he is.   blah blah blah that’s all that’s been happening the last few weeks, so there’s your update.

I’m pretty sure from reading reviews on trip advisor that the wireless is going to be spotty – DO NOT TEXT or IMESSAGE Me during the day unless I give you the OKAY to do so.  I’m sure back in My suite the wireless will be fine, but seems by the pool it will be shit ( and I will be spending ALL day light hours at the pool or ocean side ) If you see Me on YIM mobile, then I most likely have a good wireless signal.   do NOT message Me on YIM unless you’re handing over TRIBUTES for My pleasure. ( YOU WILL BE IGNORED )  I will have My laptop with Me, but I doubt I will be on much unless your wallet is SO fucking fat that it can lure Me into giving you attention 😀  Is this clear ? 😀  goooooood.

Okay, now let’s discuss My YIM status messages.   When it indicates BUSY and ” CASH ONLY ” or something of that variation — I really don’t expect to see messages for chit chat.  There are exceptions to that rule, and those who know that have access to Me.   you WILL be ignored, and don’t get butt hurt over it — overcome it – and PAY for My attention.   My YIM isn’t your personal lifeline to Me sluts.    MY boys know whats up 😀

I’ll be busy the next few days until I leave, so don’t waste My time — come to PAY or don’t cum at all.  In fact, while I’m away.  NO ONE is allowed to 😀  you don’t get to have fun because I am. HAHHAHA.