Happy 2014 !

A little overdue I suppose, but Happy 2014 you animals.

Birthmas is officially over — My little sissybitch really impressed Me last month with HER sacrificing – weaklingbitch who’s easily manipulated into GIVING in ( so hot ) and it always costs him, but he will just earn more — like all of you — you WILL earn more so hand over whats in your accounts TODAY.  MY aussie admirer is ALWAYS a bright spot in My charmed life with gift cards, cash and pressies – he is always thinking of Me — in fact he just sent out $400 in spa finder cards for MY spa treatments …. in Mexico.   even though ankle biter doesn’t view his gift as a Birthmas gift, I do.   that one guy paid $2500 as an apology – but I don’t really count that as Birthmas, I count that as punishment.   other highlights : twitter admirer really is a positive person and I just adore his gifts <3


sissybear splurged BIG for these Giuseppe Zanotti's !
sissybear splurged BIG for these Giuseppe Zanotti’s 
These fit like a dream !!!! Birthmas GZ's from baby<3
These fit like a dream !!!! Birthmas GZ’s from baby<3
These are the most amazing Jimmy Choo's from weakling bitch
These are the most amazing Jimmy Choo’s from weakling bitch

I’m ready to get out of this cold weather and enjoy My beachside holiday again in March.  I’m going solo this time because I don’t really want to be almost killed like last trip.   I love going to Mexico because it’s so easy and quick, this time ankle biter will be splurging more on My suite and resort as I enjoy beachside service and a special vegetarian menu by the chef of the resort  ( that SOLD Me pretty much ) it will be amazing to be relax and enjoy the world going by on a white sand beach.  thanks ankle biter BITCH ! 😀 I love to make you drip and drool.  It’s the highlight of My day.   the weakling bitch picked up at least five or six new bikini’s for the trip.  I can’t wait to send him exclusive photos ( all those who tribute for My holiday receive them as long as you are on good behavior that is during said holiday ) of the tiny bikini’s and My tiny perfect ass just HANGING out.  Rice cakes are the best cakes !   aussie admirer like I mentioned sent $400 in spa gift cards, but will need at least $400 more ( heheeh ) and JUST opened the first dress to arrive for Mexico from him.

No one really buys photo sets anymore do they ?  that’s a shame because I have over 3,000 photos of My Glorious Self on My phone and no place to put them,  maybe I should just make a private page ?  I just have zero idea what to do with them, because it’s a shame they aren’t being worshipped don’t you think ?  I think so.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been taking My online presence more old school.  I’ll be doing CASH Worship CAM at least once a week.   I know My minions and drive by’s miss the Friday Night Cash cam, so it’s back.   I’ll be on this evening from 8pm central until the MONEY runs out.

My wish list has hit 6,000 items purchased 

BT is now back on weekly Tribute schedule, with his first tribute due TODAY.   bunny is back and is aching to get back into My life, but he has some paying to do before that happens.   My little shy boy is back in email chats with Me, and was just told last night a lovely bank transfer will be taking place next week, which I adore.  and tommy.  OH tommy.  cost him $2k this week .. and then he seemed pissed when  I was on worship cam and told him he needed to tribute for the honor.  he scoffs because he just sent $2,000 – but that’s an APOLOGY – it is NOT all inclusive.  so for those of you who think think it is, I’m here to let you know that is wrong.

Cash cam is just that — CASH CAM.   it’s NOT the time to message with Me things like ” i hope You have been well Goddess. i am so grateful for all Your updates that You provide. Thank You.”    why are you messaging Me this when My status clearly indicates ” Cash cam ” ?   PLEASE use your common sense with contacting Me while you are on My friend list,  you haven’t said ONE word to Me in years according to My YIM archive, so please if you wish to spew dribble without a tribute attached, do so in email so you don’t waste MY time, yours or MY boys time.    bottom line – if status says ” CASH CAM ”  message Me only with $$ on hand, unless invited of course.  Thanks bitches.

I'm better than you.
I’m better than you.

I’ve just had the best time playing chastity games with My sissybitch.  I like when things happen more naturally than forced, and this is a new area for My bitchgirl.  it’s been laughable FUN.   her balls get twitchy and that means those balls are WEAK and we know what happens when you’re weak don’t you ?   AG goes BALLS DEEP.    $350 GZ heels and $250 sweater, among many GR’s and online transactions.   she aches at work making even MORE for Me, while I giggle and laugh about how full her balls are.  it’s amazingggggg.

aussie OINKERS ( not to be confused with aussie admirer ) went on a lovely spree during My Birthmas, and now I’m waiting on $500 so he can OINK and have the honor of sniffing My smooth dirty panties.  that confirmation should have been in MY email today, and yet it hasn’t hit yet.  I’ll allow for some time difference, but OINKERS will be blacklisted quickly.

dd came around and spent 1k – while he shoved a plug in his ass while dreaming of sucking My golden nectar down.  typical alpha male vanilla, and BITCH undercover.

well, those are the recent fun tidbits.  Oh since some of you like to wake Me up with the Ignore Niteflirt line, I’ve upped it to $40 a minute.  yeah, I’ve got it like that.  so, unless you want a REAL drain – I’m no longer messing with these little $10 a min for ignore.



Tribute to gain attention.  Tribute to gain some worth.  Tribute to please Me.