Hoping for sunshine ….

because in ten days I’ll be heading to Mexico with MsKatieSavage, HaughtyFemdom and SRB Lindsay !  We are very excited to have some GIRL time to just RELAX.  Don’t worry you won’t be left out on all the fun, I’m sure our Niteflirt lines will be ON and I’m sure we will be taking your money in our downtime of laying at the pool, drinking cocktails and gossiping about what the dirty things that make your fetish mind tick.   If you want custom clips with any of us absolutely spoiled gorgeous bossy ladies, now is the time to ask and PAY – email Me for more information bitches ( mzasiangoddess@aol.com )

My trip was 100% funded for of course. ( resort suite and airfare fro two )  but YOU can still pay for upgrades to Business Class, a spa day ( if the weather is shitty, it IS the rainy season ) and our kickass Hummer ziplining, atv tour with a private lunch which is $580 for all four of us ( $145 per person for you slow losers ) and reimbursement for My private transfer from the airport to the resort.

I’m a little pissed that I found us a KICK ASS penthouse about three weeks after booking our resort which would fit our needs a lot better, and it’s RIDICULOUS and so I def will be planning another trip ASAP back so I can lavish in luxury.  it’s GORGEOUS.

Hoping the weather shapes up to welcome FOUR ladies who are aching for the sun and relaxation !!!  I’ll be bringing My laptop, but I’m already pissed that I have to lug the 15 inch beast around, so you’d better be paying HARD for that — I may have My webcam on when in the room or hanging out so you can peek at what Ladies are doing, call NF and you will hear FOUR ladies DESTROY your self esteem and your wallet.  you can entertain us and the resort guests with your humiliation tasks on cam.  This could be epic for you drones, so I suggest you don’t waste it.

As a recap for the past few weeks — My wishlist is now at 4720 items purchased, I’m proud of you bitches 😀  I’ve ordered and you have paid for MY new iphone 5 – which was slated to be here the day I return from Mexico, but got an email today saying the order is complete and will be shipped next week, so that’s exciting, and since it’s got a SIM card in it it will work internationally without massive data hits ( crossing fingers )   I’ve been working out again with Jillian, but not as dedicated as I once was, mainly because I just don’t care,  I’ve been busy with company this week, tomorrow headed to Six Flags with MsKatieSavage for Fright Fest, it’s basically a tradition now =)  We like to be scared in that cheesy kind of way.

I will spam My NF before I leave for vacation,   and you really should follow My twitter for up to date updates.  I know some boys are waiting for gift spam and photos, but I don’t feel like it, so guess you’ll have to wait longer bitch.

you work for Me.