I’d grade Myself a C-

I failed Day 1. 😛  as I said, I woke up after a few hours of sleep and was unable to get to get back to sleep so I just stayed up, showered and went for My new 3 mile daily walk got Myself organized within the house and got VERY tired but forced Myself to stay awake until I hit a 2nd wind and didn’t end up going to bed until 1am … I did set My alarm to no avail … because I slept through it and didn’t wake up until 11.30 !!!!  ARGGGGGG.  I was pretty pissed at Myself.   I did take My walk though.  Let Me tell you it’s fricking cold out, I can’t believe I decided to tackle this now, but I’m going to stick to it.

Sleep : 1.00am

Woke : 11.30am

Weight : 111 lbs ( Goal is back to 105 )

Walked : 2.91 miles – 42 minutes

Kinect : 1 hour

Coffee/MountainDew/HotChocolate – 1.5/3/0

SitUps/PushUps ( Girl style ) 30 / 15

I’ve added some cold weather items to My wishlist because it’s just going to get colder.  Today I wore leggings, sweatpants, socks, tanktop, thermal, sweatshirt, wool scarf, puffy jacket, gloves.  I am in need of earmuffs for sure, and I’d love to have the warming soft shelled jacket for layering for the cold days.   Get over to My wishlist and make it happen drones !!!  lol and on the oxy moron side I’ve also added more summer dresses for Mexico vacation,( Feb ) and also when I visit My family in Florida in March !  :D:D:D

Usually this time of the year is PUMPING for Me … it’s been a bit slow which is only going to breed resentment and cruelness, so I suggest for your sakes you boys get on the fucking ball.  asap.  I’ve made a list of the things I need to accomplish and it’s quite long – but includes making photo sets for Images4sale from the HUGE archive of photos I have.   Don’t be fooled, prices will expensive – but quality will be much better than on Niteflirt.

$$$$ = Attention.  The more $$$ that is placed at My Yellow Peds – the more attention you little freaks get.