I’m back in STL

It was a great trip home to see My family and a dear childhood friend 😀  We had so much fun giggling, that most of the time I forgot to sign into Yahoo on My phone and only tweeted once in a while – it made ME forget about you losers … but now I remember.  hehehe.  I’ve got some updates to do, and you can see I’ve changed My theme for this blog and waiting for peanut  to finish a rather tedious header project for ME as well as finishing up a banner block for TheDommeScene, which I just emailed, even though the advertising fee was paid two weeks ago.  hehehe.  yes, as usual I’m late !!!!   I’m happy with peanuts work, but as always disappointed in his NO MONEY having monkey ass !!!!

pastyslave was the first loser to PAY up on My Birthmas with $200, agpayvictim was close behind with another $200 bingie of course was fleeced out of about $1500 and dumb bob came out and paid $850fetchboy was doing WELL until the actual day of My Birthmas, and then flaked out of items I had assigned to his stupid ass at his request for a few weeks, and then like the dumb fuck he is, disappeared right after he said he was sending items.  that’s why I hate you fuckers.  for real.     even with his stupid disappointing ass, My wishlist has climbed to a mere 8 items away from My goal of 3000 items purchased by Jan 1.  you’ve got another day to get it there DRONES.   and guess what ?  if you didn’t get ME a Birthmas gift – you can consider yourself ignored until a HEFTY punishment fine has been paid.  so don’t DARE msg Me unless you come CORRECT you stupid bitches.   I MEAN IT.  and then don’t get your panties in a bunch when I don’t answer you or am short with you…how’s this ?  go fucking PAY and I’ll shower some fucking attention on you – but why would I give you attention without proper servitude and worship ?  dumb asses.  

bingie is paying My celly and My cable again — I’m also going to probably make him pick up an airline ticket … maybe.  still kicking it around.  I’ve got a lot of travel plans that I hope go through.   Mexico end of this month or next, in March I’m going to Florida,  somewhere in there I need to plan to visit to the Carolina’s, and then also My childhood friend wants to come out to visit ME in STL, and of course you nim rods will be taking care of that as well. 

I had some packages arrive while I was gone visiting Michigan, but I haven’t even bothered to open them.  lol.  maybe I’ll get around to that tomorrow. 

DO YOUR JOBS DRONES.  MY BIRTHMAS isn’t over yet !  MAKE ME happy bitches.