It has been a little while …

… since I’ve done an update 😀

I had a GREAT time in Florida all on razzle dazzle and My sissybear who paid for My business class upgrades 😀  Our junior penthouse suite was pretty small, great views, and we didn’t really spend too much time inside the room anyways ! It was perfect to have a little mini vacation, the weather was amazinggggg the entire stay – middle 70s which is perfect for what I wanted to do anyways — NOTHING except lay in the sun and EAT !!!!!  I was rewarding Myself for doing 28 days of straight fitness !  My bestie and I met up with MEGGERZandTwistedToesfor the day while we were there and had SO much fun.  Four bitchy, spoiled and demanding females in bikini’s ?  it was like a SUB’S dreammmmmmmm.  There have been some rumors about Meggerz going around the net for a while, and I can tell you – she’s REALLY cool.

Our ” penthouse ” lol
from balcony in
My bedroom
2nd bedroom
sunrise from the room
sunset 😀

When I returned – I had friends from Michigan that came in for a long weekend so it was BUSY and hectic, and then there was My davey’s Birthday and headed to the Immortal Tour VIP which was amazing.  Would I see it again ? probably not, the regular Cirque shows are MUCH better, but what’s $252 a ticket ? NOTHING 😀

goofball lol
6th row

It calmed down for a little bit, and then headed straight into STL Mardi Gras.  People ask why STL for the 2nd largest ( obviously New Orleans is first lol ) party in the country ?  and to be honest I have no idea.  It has something to do with the man who founded this area being french and all that.  We actually have a french creole, this IS the gateway to the west, but even as I write and reread that it should make zero sense to you, but screw it.   On Friday before the Grand Parade, they close down the city I live in and essentially it’s an island and you can’t get in or out, unless you walk it out !  My verrrrry pretty friend MsKatieSavage had her bonita girlfriend in from PR so I had a houseful – this is My first Mardi Gras because even though I used to live downtown, I would NEVER go to this thing bc it’s always FREEZING, and as most of you know, I can’t stand stupid drunk people and I def showed that on saturday evening, because at that point My patience went to ZERO and I let a Cunt know about it.  so let’s just say it got ROWDY at that point.

its early and crowded !
MsKatieSavage and TheAsianGoddess

The picture above was right before we watched a girl get RAN over by a golf cart, and the entire time this bitch HELD ONTO HER PHONE and kept talking.  talent or drunk ?  we laughhhhhhhhed.

Usually I would post a brag blog, but so far this entry is long enough so that will wait until the next time I guess My pretty little money bitches ….

I’m headed BACK to Florida on March 4th for another four days, but this time davey is coming with ME and we will be visiting My parents down in south florida.  I am MORE excited about that than My trip with bestie !   They live in a GIANT old people aka snowbird neighborhood, it’s one of those that they put maybe 7 or 8 neighborhoods that connect together.  I LOVE going there, the pool is always empty, and it’s nothing but a small dog parade and verrrrry quiet  =)  everyone thank razzle dazzle for taking care of THAT airfare too. bahahhahaha.   speaking of razzle dazzle … his two next assignments are — Ipad3 and $4,000. hahhahahaha 😀

I’ve had My Niteflirt lines on lately, but then I forget to turn them off at night, and it seems like you freaks only call at 1am ! I’m also thinking about releasing this cache of 10 clips that I have to c4sale, NF and Clipvia – I’m still thinking about it, but before I do that, I’ll be hiring a company that specializes in getting pirated clips off the net so I don’t have that issue, that’s the reason I’ve never really done them because I don’t want My shit all over the place.  I’m still thinking about it — you should convince Me with MORE $$$$$$$.

The 3D camera I got from #1 is awesome, however, the files it makes are HUGE, even for short 1 or 2 minute reward clips.  I need to do some research on that end of it before I start utilizing it fully.

As a reminder My perfectly damaged moneyslaves …. this is not about YOU.  As much as your ego is being stomped on, sometimes it rears its ugly head, and its MY job to shove it back into the dirt where you belong.  My money is NOT be tampered with.  SOME of you I just don’t care enough to mess with.  your stupid dirty lies are transparent, and it just becomes a waiting game.  I hate liars and I HATE boys that THINK they are on super friendly terms with Me – long term or not, if the MONEY isn’t coming forth like it SHOULD BE, there is ZERO reason for Me to talk to you.  I am first and foremost a FINANCIAL DOMME — NOT your friend or your buddy.  I’m the fucking BANK so make your deposit.

I am a few items until 4100 Purchased on My Amazon Wishlist — get Me there by end of the weekend 😀  I really need to STOP getting sooooo many pressies all the time.  CASH always makes ME happier and deeply satisfied.  make a note of that.  CASH = ATTENTION – Oh and AAA owes Me at LEAST $200 !