I’ve forgotten you …..

My life has been extremely busy !  It’s been so long since I’ve even done an update that I’m sure I won’t remember to mention everything and everyone – if you are left out — TRY HARDER.

I’m leaving on Tuesday to go home to Michigan for five days !  dumb bob popped for the car rental charges of $370 – we will be visiting superdave’s family for one day/night, and then on to My families for a wedding.  I’ll be mobile for that CASH only.

Also, in other news — I’m moving at the end of the month.  After four years of being downtown in the city, I’m over it.  over it over it over it.  The new no smoking ban in all bars in the city has forced people outside onto the sidewalks everywhere, and the noise level has risen by 100%.  I can no longer deal !  It’s a bigger place, but I’m about to miss My closet that I had to build in My current place.  We will see, but it looks like I’ll be doing some massive purging !!!  Of course with a new place – the costs associated with a move will be paid for by YOU.   It was an unexpected find, so I wasn’t really mentally prepared to move — and it happened very quickly, but I’m really happy to be leaving the downtown city !

So, let’s see what’s been going on –  My hollywood has TOP notch status ! when My little cucksissy gets a bonus, so do I.  so on top of his weekly $1000 Tributes, he’s also gifted Me with several pressies from My Amazon wishlist and another $1k  – because he knows he can’t resist !   you losers should be very jealous, because hollywood gets a lot of My time, from text messages and phone calls to exclusive candid photos.  HAHHAHA.  his only regret ?  That he didn’t start SOONER !!! now that’s just ridiculously hot 😀  we even get into spats.  it’s quite adorable 😀  but always, he falls victim to MY charm and devious greedy mind.  We are thinking of a Korean tattoo to bind him further to MY whims and greed.  CASH is always what I want MOST – you wouldn’t think so because of the length and abundance that is MY wishlist, but it’s sooooo true.

whiney has come and gone – annoying the hell out of Me until just last night, but I’m sure he’ll act up again and be begging to be blackmailed and hung out to dry.   he had to be taught a little lesson last week, and it cost him, but that’s what he gets !   he had to purchase a new table and chair set as punishment for his gross actions 😀 Offending and picking a fight with My dear friend HaughtyFemDom is NOT the way to stay in line – and you paid didn’t you ?  whiney had to pay for Apple TV and an adaptor for her PS3 !!!   During the last few weeks of service though – he’s been better than he’s ever been before when he comes begging – so at least that has improved.  he wasn’t late ONE time with his weekly obligations, but he did cause some trouble !   Another favorite gift from him was My new Schwinn crusier bike.  It’s awesome, and came pretty much assembled – it took superdave about 30 mins to put it together.  It rides verrrrry smooth, and I’ve been riding about twice a day to the Arch and back which is about 4 miles.  It’s a ton of fun, and I’m very pleased with it !

Schwinn Cruiser & Basket from whiney

I also had whiney pick up ALL the accessories for the bike, including two neat bike seats, two insulated water bottles ( pictured above ) a universal bike tool, air pump ( wrong kind, returned ) bike lock, and TWO different baskets for each of My dogs.  he also bought Me a new crossbody Coach bag, several dresses, and a pair of GZ’s that were on sale, and actually ended up being a favorite pair !!!

GZ's from whiney

Also since I’ve last posted — little marky came back for about two weeks – he completely overspent 😀 tehehehe.  I squeezed almost $1500 of cash and pressies out including a new Canon Powershot Elph – I’ve soooo missed it’s features !!! I love the Samsung, but the Canon just reacts faster – and I love the color accent feature that I can only get on a canon =) verrrry happy with that gift.  but ultimately he disappointed Me by getting overly excited and promised what he couldn’t deliver.  until next time marky ….. =) tehehehehe – NO PIC bc I cant find it.  I’ll add it to the next update

boobiezombie spent about $200, agpayvictim I took for at least $600 — the actual number eludes Me.  he falls deeper and deeper into MY web … it’s that kind of slow drain that is SOOOOOO hot !  he’s off the hook for My trip in October – so I’m sure I will assign him a big ticket item for MY new place.  I love giving him goals – he works well for them to be made and hasn’t failed ME yet ( like some of you bitches )  My sissybear bought ME two new dresses that I LOVEEEE – no photo though – I got lazy – and also sent several amazon gift certicates which please ME – MOREEEEE 😛   hahhaha fucktoy was on fire the other night with $1900 spent in GC’s and CLIPVIA tributes, and I didn’t even go on CAM.  HAHAH just kept sending photos of MY lucious ass, and he couldn’t resist.  I love fucking MY fucktoy that’s for sure !   random $200 via CLIPVIA again for a boy who will be nameless who has been wanting to see Me on cam since Glamworship days, and then at the end, we both decided we weren’t matched.  WHY ?  Because I really have no interest in cam to cam,  and when I do its because I’m screen shotting you —— but I’m not the type who wants to see you put bengay on qtips and then put them in your dumbstick, no I don’t want to see you piss yourself.   I’m too involved with ME 😀  I know .. I’m totally self absorbed – damn right  I am.  I’m not saying I will NOT cam to cam,  I have and will in the future once in a while, but not My bag, so when you ask Me to see your cam — just know I’m hurling inside, and that you will be paying a PREMIUM tribute for such !  peter came around and sent $100 too.

Other surprises include a mango order and new bathrugs from twitter admirer <3  I love waking up to his DM’s on twitter to tell Me he’s purchased something.  he never seeks attention or drama.  the maxi dress he got Me is SOOO comfy and perfectttt length !

Mango Order from twitter admirer

I also received from AGsbitch the new Ipad 2 – 32G.  It’s pretty awesome !!!!!  he’s My little apple boy.  he’s already bought Me one of the two exisiting Ipad 1’s that I have.  and also bought My Iphone4 in Feb.  HAHAH I love it.   I enjoy keeping him broke so he doesn’t slut around, but they ALWAYS find a way to slut around don’t they ? teheheheh.

IPAD 2 & Leather Cover from AG'sbitch Ipad2 - $720 !

More goodies include the following :

Vera Bradley overnight bag and King size sheets from My hollywood
MagicFlightBox from marky, polish and 24k Gold mask from hollywood
one of the baskets whiney got ME - modeled by AbigailLOVE this device. thank you JAPPYPRINCESS for recommendation
from whiney & Twitter admirer
Coach flippies from MY hollywood !
RayBan sunnies for superdave from whiney
Splendid Bikini from sissybear's GC
Coach bag from whiney. VeraBradley fanny pack from hollwood. hat from Twitter Admirer
LOVE this silk maxi dress from whiney
diesel shorts from twitter admirer, yoga & screen protectors from AGsbitch
Mango dress from whiney - LOVE IT
LOVE this device. thank you JAPPYPRINCESS for recommendation
Expensive LaPerla from hollywood ( clip released on Kinkbomb and Clipvia )

As you can see, I’ve been busy collecting pressies !!!!  My Amazon Wishlist is a mere ( edit ! ) SIX THREE items away from 3,400 Items Purchased !!!!  It’s THE wishlist to be on.  Other lovely ladies are gaining on Me fast — so push Me over the edge.  I won’t be as active with it after I move and get all the things I want from that — I’ll let another lady take over THE top spot where I sit now — aren’t I sweet ? tehhehehhee.

I’ve spent a TON of time at the pool this year already.  I’ve hit SixFlags twice already.  Once with LuxxuryPrincess and once with MsPerfectPeds.   I plan on ONE more time this year — but probably during Fright Fest in October to ride at night.   I’ll be busy this month though packing and purging – but I MUST have MY pool days.  I miss WATER so badly in the summer.  FRESH WATER — NOT river water.  lol ewwwwwwwwwww.

I deserve $$ MORE $$

As you can see, I’ve been bussssssy !!!  BUT I did upload to KINKBOMB and CLIPVIA STORES  this week, and have already begun to see some action.  I’ve released FOUR clips on Clipvia and two on KinkBomb ( so far )  If you are a special boy, you’ve already received these – and even MORE special boys got their own custom audio to the clips 😀   The latest clips are 1. TOES, SOLES and ASS and 2. BIKINI & LaPerla.   I haven’t uploaded them to Niteflirt yet, but I hope to do that before I leave to Michigan so you can click and pay while I’m away !


Reminder :  you work for ME.   you are a drone.  you are MY victim.  you do NOT have choices, you do NOT have options.  you are a weak male who needs Me to drain and abuse you.  This is what you were BORN to do.  you may deny it for long periods of time — but you know better than anyone — you will always fall OFF the wagon, right into MY Greedy arms …. I will always be BALLS deep in your wallet.  always.

Sole Glow. Don't resist. GIVE $$

Also, I believe that the RETREAT for Dommes has been called off.  I can’t believe how much HATE mail I got about if this person goes, they won’t be going, and they can’t afford it ( can’t read when I wrote NO BROKE BITCHES ? )  so HaughtyFemDom and I will be keeping it to a group of no more than 5 Ladies who want to work together and relax someplace paid for by you =) suck it

I feel like I’m forgetting something — so if I am, sorry – I’m already bored writing this.  GO SHOPPING NOW!!!!!!