Let the Birthmas Season begin …

My minions.  It’s My favorite time of year … My BIRTHMAS.  As most of MY fans, admirers, losers and slaves know — this entire month is about celebrating ME.  I have to share MY BIRTHDAY with the rest of the world essentially so long ago I decided the month of Dec is indeed considered a month long holiday event.   THIS is when it counts.  THIS is when I’m happiest and feeling the most generous Myself, and THIS is when you SACRIFICE for the ultimate love of your miserable lives.   NOW is the time for action.

Let’s discuss how many of you have really failed and disappointed Me this year.  There are SO many disappointments that I can’t possibly list them all, having said that — what’s WRONG with some of you ?   When you introduced yourself to ME – by email or YIM – you did understand fully that I’m a FINANCIAL DOMME ?!  Yes ?  Ok – so after YEARS why then, are you surprised that I want Tributes ?!  It baffles Me that a few of you I have taken a very personal interest in YOU and your pathetic lives, and yet somehow I’m getting the short end of the stick.  I’ve heard things like ” well, but I work hard so I deserve a treat or two ”  to ” but I’ve been a good slave all this time ”   These are nothing but excuses and ones that don’t really go over well on your Goddess and Owner.  I understand that at times you feel as if you are ALONE in this world living in a dual life.   I’ve taken interest in you because I’m REWARDING YOU — this is NOT a given, and yet you text Me constantly when in the beginning you were instructed to NEVER text Me first – it’s your job to RESPOND not to initiate ( unless it’s followed with CASH ) and messaging Me on YIM when it explicitly says ” CASH = ATTENTION ” and just to say HI.  I’ve let these little things go, and CLEARLY these little things have affected your already stupid minds.  you think you can be familiar with ME.  you’ve FORGOTTEN THE RULES.   you WORK FOR ME, not the other way around.  I take time out of MY day to speak to you and make you feel SPECIAL, and clearly if you served ME you were special.  DUH.  Being selfish is NOT a trait of a money slave or fetishist that I care to know.  I’m the SELFISH ONE and you are MY wallet.  you FLUFF ME – and you could be rewarded.   I don’t cater to YOUR fetishes.  you cater to MINE, and we all know what My fetish is.  that is CASH and pressies.  you will be let go, no matter what the time invested in the relationship, and actually the more time and patience I have put in just means I will be MORE pissed that you’ve let your OWNER and GODDESS down.  Is that what you want for your life ?  that you are a disappointment ?  UGH pathetic.   get some more credit and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I dislike being avoided and NOT lavished with copious amounts of attention ( TRIBUTES )  I will get down and dirty on your ass.  I will expose you, and I’ll quite like it too bitch.

SO — you are to be a good robot money slave fetish addicted minion.  you will continue to LOVE ME by giving ME everything.  you will allow yourself to be MY SUCKER and addicted VICTIM.   you will worship, you will obey and you will strive for perfection in money slavery.

I will be cleaning HOUSE.  I will not tolerate bullshit boys.   RANT OVER.