After spending almost $275 on kitchen/baking supplies for ME – almost the very next day I get this email from ( last night ) aussie admirer

Dear AG,

Recently you wrote:

you losers can treat this month and into next like My Birthmas …. since it’s the biggest day of My life thus far — I’ll be expecting OODLES of pressies and CA$H gifts on OVERDRIVE !!!!

I hope you’ll find I have pleased you.

Please find the details below for your new iPod 32G and Kendrix boots.

I have actually changed the shipping speed for the iPod since receiving this purchase order, so disregard the shipping date shown below, you will receive it sooner.


aussie admirer

– Yes, little admirer bought nearly $600 worth of gear for his GODDESS =) that’s the kind of devotion that I LOVE and you crave !  GOOD BOY – you make ME smile with your emails of CASH and pressies while I slumber !!!   ( up to 2853 items PURCHASED !!! )

Another email I received last night while I slept was from new boy presssss – he picked up this insanely HOT Marciano dress ( $158 ! )last night !  It’s so adorable, that I almost bought it MYSELF ( with your gc’s of course ) but I didnt, and when I woke up it was bought for ME !  that’s fuckin HOT !!!!  Also aussie oinkers paid $150 and then also shopped My wishlist and picked up all the jewelry needed for the wedding, including pearl pendant and matching earrings ! <3  he’s so addicted to MY dirty panties =) hehehehhee.

I stole 1k from another well known slut, and I wasn’t letting him off with his half tributes … you know the kind ” I’ll tribute you $300 today and then $300 in two days ”  not this time slutface –  and ps.  NANER NANER BOO BOO.

Another $500 from jerking, little mr whiney was ON TIME for once with his weekly blackmail payment of $300– however, he made the mistake of BOTHERING ME when My YIM status clearly said ” $$$ ONLY “ so – just bc I was SO annoyed that you freaks can’t seem to READ, I put his information back up on MY other BLOG – and made him pay $200 and then I decided to extend his contract – he only had like 3 weeks left and he couldn’t be a good minion for more than a hot minute – I upped it to $400 a week for the next 8 weeks.  😀  that’s how I roll… BITCH.

My little agpayvictim — I dont know if you remember, but last year about this time ( Nov ) I had him get an increase on his credit card, and had him get ME a new sofa sectional and he basically paid MY trip to Florida last year with MY bestie =) then being the merciful Goddess that I am, I gave him a few months to catch back up on his debt – and it’s been burning a whole in his pocket since =) HEHHEHEHEH.  SO last week we were chatting and this boy realllllly wanted MY Attention – so he mentioned maybe he should see if he could get another instant increase on his credit card … again … and you know MY answer right ?  HELL YEAH.  of course it was approved so I have another 2k basically in MY pocket, bc he’s SO addicted to ME and he should be.  LOL I laugh now that I used to think he was a wanker.  lolol.  Oh and of course he sent Me about $400 =)

So I’m counting down – 8 days ! If you haven’t made a contribution to MY Wedding/Honeymoon ( independent of normal tributes ) than you’d better get a move on – bc I won’t tolerate anything except the BEST from you worker DRONES !!!