so, I won’t even go into the pathetic emails this freak sent Me yesterday, but it was something along the lines of bragging that he was a racist, and then laughing at Me for some reason because ” it must be so frustrating for you to not be able to make me pay because it’s your Birthday ”    that last line really did make Me laugh.  A LOT.    Do you think it’s frustrating to block you and then block your email address ? It’s not, I assure you.   What I find even MORE amusing is that he was trying top Me from the bottom with that bullshit.   UH, who after like 5-6 years has paid THOUSANDS of dollars to Me ?!  hmmmmmm.  surprise – it was YOU, DUMBASS, so I’m not sure what kind of weird thrill it is for you … because the bottom line ?  You just paid $500 to get your mis spelled name off My blog.  So, really ….  who’s the dumb ass here ?  who’s REALLY frustrated ?  LOLOLOL.  Yeah.  you.

bitch : Take three photos of yourself being the pathetic loser you are, along with any other information you don’t want known  ……  and then you’re locked into contract of $500 for four weeks.   congrats stupid.