My schedule for this week and next is busy busy busy, so here is your warning about not pestering Me without cash 😀  This week I’m renting a steam cleaner to do My carpets, bc I can smell the smoke in them and its driving Me insane,  I’ll probably do that on Thursday.  I bought a Groupon to have 3 rooms done for $99 but opps I let that bad boy expire, and two blocks away they rent the cleaners, so I’ll have davey run up there and grab one.  Friday is My lash fluffing and tanning ( only have time to go once before I leave ) and mani.

On Saturday – not only do I have a Birthday gig to go to at the casino downtown, but bestie and Me leave for the airport at 430 am, so I need to be packed and house cleaned by the time Saturday afternoon comes, that means I’ll be extremely busy on Thurs and Fri.  So, we will go celebrate Birthdays Saturday evening, and then My bestie will spend the night and we will leave for airport EARLY Sunday morning, and then obviously we will be in Florida with a ton of spending chances.  I’m meeting up with MEGGERZ and TWISTED TOES while I’m down there to chill with poolside , and again, as a reminder will have My Ignore Lines ON the entire trip.

When I come back on Wed night late, of course Thursday will be recovery day and LATE Friday night, a childhood friend is coming in from Michigan until Monday, so I’ll be running around grocery shopping and prepping for that on Friday.

After THAT visit is My davey’s Birthday and we’re going to see Cirque and I’m really excited for that 😀  THEN everything slows back down to normal pace until MARDI GRAS, which no doubt will be INSANE.

So that’s My schedule the next few weeks.


Sole Glow in Juicy
AG is beach ready !

CA$H = Attention