story time :D

you would think during lockdown I would’ve written more frequently, but I just can’t be bothered I guess.

you are overdue reading about the rest of spendy’s binge to Me and My second trip to Thailand right as covid was starting off, so here we go …… !

spendy split after Birthmas but not before paying $6700 for My Business class flight from LAX to SEOUL to Phuket and also for the hotel suite with My private pool $4000 ( its quite cheap to stay in Phuket so you get bang for YOUR buck, not Mine ) I’d say it wasn’t a bad Birthmas, but more is to come. spendy is special, he’s quite intelligent and loves to show that off, so he works within his ego, so he basically tops himself, and I don’t have to do anything except be My GREEDY SELFISH SELF and give him attention because his moods are off the CHAIN, and once he decides to dip, it could be another year or three before I can get My greedy little hands on his accounts again, so I went in HARD to the tune of $43k ( $57k total )

here is are estimated Tributes from spendy (that I actually wrote down anyways) HAHAHHAHAHAHA fucking HOTTTTTTTT

Amazon GC : $4800 :: Revolve $1900 :: PP $11,500 :: Niteflirt $1050 :: C$ $7800 :: V$ 6100 :: GP$ 2800 :: Transfers $6500 :: misc shopping $600

not bad for like 40 days in total of slavery. so HOT and SOOOO delicious, it was like being on a constant orgasm. believe it. intense and beautiful actually, until like usual, the MALES fuck it up. Im typing this on the MacBook Pro he got Me, and I absolutely fucking HATE IT. the keyboard and track pad is SHIT, but the Touch Bar is legit.

Here are some photos you don’t deserve 😀

so now you’re read how BALLS DEEP I was in spendy’s accounts and how glorious, beautiful and HOT it was.

you’re welcome. now give ME MORE ! I don’t pay :: YOU DO.

#WLB don’t think I forgot you owe Me like $20k now. ITS YOUR TURN to make My panties wet !!!

I love being Me.