Summer is ending ….

I’ve been SO crazy busy this summer, with vanilla duties, house guests, and all around being Amazing that I clearly have neglected you toys once again !  SURPRISE.  I’m not posting any loot pics this time because to be frank … I’m too lazy and you should be happy you get what I give you, you greedy minion puppets =)  Of course, I’m only updating recent events, so if you aren’t in that category, looks like you are SOL this entry.

First thing — Happy three years anniversary to My sissybear who first came around a very shy and timid girl, who now anticipates My every need and want and tries very hard to fulfill that.  I celebrated by having him purchase a $325 amazing dress and of course that cash that makes Me happy !  he’s paid for countless dinners and lunches, bikini’s, dresses and tops 😀  SHE’s the GREATEST 😀  I’m sure SHE can add up exactly has been spent — I’ve been pushing HER limits lately, but like a good GIRL that SHE is, SHE has been taking it like a CHAMPION 😀

slutpuppet came around and I was awoken by the CHA CHING sound that a certain mobile payment option gives when it hits My account to $1700 AND punished him by bad behavior by making him give ME his credit card to PAY for My trip to MEXICO ($2000)!  that’s right, I’m headed back for a few days, this time I’m going with MsKatieSavage, Haughtyfemdom and I also believe another mega star Domme is going as well, but I’ll wait for her confirmation from booking to include her as I dont want you numb nuts bothering her until it’s set in stone !   THIS will be an amazingggg trip on slutpuppet ! HAHAH you can be sure I’ll be upgrading us to FIRST CLASS ( I upgrade during check in online the night before ) as well for flights, which round trip will be $400 for MsKatieSavage and ME which ANY of you losers can pay and maybe we will think of you FONDLY when we are laying in the skimpiest bikini’s having cocktails or out in our hot tub on terrace 😀  but really, I doubt it.   BAHAHHAHA.

dd did some good work last month with cash cash cash to make up for the rest of you slackers, I think his total in a week or two was about $2300 and some amazing work on My wishlist 😀  that’s a panty dropping moment — and it seems that happens a lot to ME. hahah I should just stop wearing panties I suppose 😛

AAA came around and spent around $500 but he’s in the wind for now – but we both know — just when he thinks he is free of MY lovely GLOBES of DESTRUCTION — I like to give him a text and let him remember how amazing I am 😀  isn’t he the luckiest ? 😀  mick also came around and spent nearly 1k total, and I owe him a reward clippie, but haven’t been in the mood to do so – maybe this weekend 😛 AGpayvictim made good on his debt of $600 – tommy also got out of his debt to Me and and spent nearly $8k in cash – that’s crazy hot.

I was delighted the other day to witness MsKatieSavage destroy a true humiliation pig.  I don’t often get many of you toys like that because I’ve never really been interested in watching you stick gross things up your butt and blah blah blah, and often sessions can take 4 hours, and sorry I got better things to do believe it.  Anyways,  she was at My place so this was truly an awesome experience.  we laughed for hours and hours – took lots of film footage of this PIG being exactly what he is .. a PIG, and cha ching all frickin DAY.

My Amazon wishlist literally LIMPED like your dicks to 4,600 items purchased with MY sissybear girl taking Me there 😀  I’m quite proud of this list, however at this point … I mean really it’s ridiculous !  you gift sluts who ONLY like to buy gifts are really grating on My nerves BIG time, so that’s going to stop like now.  I LOVE gifts as much as the next girl, woman, Domme, hooker, sugarbaby, etc. however CASH has been and always WILL be QUEEN and THAT is what I CRAVE and want – so it goes without saying that YOU will deliver.  That’s your GOAL, your JOB and your DUTY, and stop being a selfish little LOSER, I do however make exceptions for boys like twitter admirer though because he’s special 😀  wink wink – he got Me the most divine PLV’s in black

Last month,  I went home to see My family in Michigan and also spent some time with #1 – he wasn’t feeling too hot, but we still went to Ocean Prime for dinner and hung out.  I know you wish you were this lucky, but you’re not.  he’s given SO much to the AG you couldn’t even comprehend it.  Believe it !!!  I LOVE going home in the summer.  Michigan smells so yummy to Me when I get there.  It makes ME so homesick so I really enjoyed being HOME – and of course thanks to GOOD boys I enjoyed every second of it 😀

I’m reallllly excited to be going on this trip with the GIRLS.   I may even get a little crazy, but I doubt it.  I like to be in control of Myself  and drinking Myself into a tizzy isn’t My idea of a good time.   A good time to Me in laying on a beach, or better yet, getting a massage on the beach, having a drink or two and getting big fat tributes from MY perfect little damaged victims of MINE.   I’m BEYOND excited   – if you have a custom – or want to take the plunge this would be a good time to start voicing your desires –up to four beautiful and aggressive women coming for your wallets in tropical paradise ? that’s too good to pass up isn’t it ?!  😀 YUM.  gorgeous toes dipping in one of the many pools, ocean or maybe our private hot tub on our balcony …. yummmmmmmy.

I keep hearing how I never update this blog — I know you ” males ” love a good gift and tribute blog, but you’re not going to get one today – maybe the next one.  slackers never get what they want, do they ?  only GOOD boys get rewards.  only GOOD boys get My attention.  only GOOD boys get personal interaction.  only GOOD boys get pics.

dress from sissybear

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day already – it feels like the summer flew by.  I’m looking forward to BOOT and denim season, another thing to look forward to is MY 2nd Anniversary with superdave 😀  just last week was our 9 year anniversary of being together, we did have a year and a half break during that, however that was what solidified us.  Gifts and Tributes ARE expecting.  I don’t really give a crap if you’re jealous about it you selfish pricks ! it’s about MY happiness and having said that — davey makes ME happier than any of you grouped together even if you did muster an effort.  ANYWAYS …. cucks love it, and the rest of you should LOVE it because how HAPPY I AM and not on the edge of disaster like many people in this scene and out of the scene for that matter.   This has ALWAYS been about ME, and never about you …