Summer Recap and Beyond

How much FUN did MsKatieSavage and Me have in Mexico ?  SO MUCH.   I’ll give you a run down of our sunny and sandy vacation on YOU ! HAHHAHAHA.

So, after upgrading to First Class – we were on our way.  Flights were on time, and we breezed through customs and into our private transfer to the resort.   The weather was HOT and sticky, just the way WE like it.    There is nothing like forcing another week of summer by going someplace HOT.

We had a suite, with an outdoor bali bed, and a hot tub on the terrace, we spent MUCH time out there relaxing, smoking and laughing at our LOSERSSSSSSS.   I’ve been to Mexico half a dozen times, and I’ve never been this far north – so this resort didn’t have the super bossy waves that I’m used to.  I think it was probably washed out from one of the hurricanes, and now it’s very shallow over there.   the aqua blue wasn’t as brilliant as I would’ve liked, but having a shallow beach to wade around in for almost a half mile was amazing.    We wore the skimpiest thongs and soaked it ALL in.

We also jet skied on the Caribbean and THAT was a lot of funnnnnnnnnn.  We drank, smoked, laughed, and most of all relaxed on YOUR DIME.   HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH the trip was PAID in full plus everything by WORMY iT and weakling !  I even had iT pay for MY dog/house sitter.  HAHAHHAAH that’s BOSS.

If I care at all about you – you got some PHOTOS and maybe even a short reward video.   if you didn’t ?  then you get to pay for them like the masses of losers that know they have to PAY for attention.   you give the minimum, you get LESS than the minimum.

In other news, I went balls deep into one of MY favortiesssssss with $500 amazon and $2500 cash moneyyyyyy.   I mean, how easy is that ?  via email ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s so hot and gets Me AMPED for more more more.   bunny foo foo has been early this month for his monthly chunk of change, and pretty much stays out of My way – bc last month he was LATE and he PAID $$$$ dearly for it.  My sissybear has been making sure MY beauty appointments and out to dinner with MY girlfriends PAID in FULL.   YUMMMMMY.

My little iT has been keep AG the BOSS very happy lately.   iT is addicted to giving it ALL to the BOSS.   BOSS had to slow iT down and put iT on a weekly scheduled tribute — if BOSS gives the room, iT would spend ALL in a crazy super fast way, and that’s NO GOOD to Me.   a broke money slave is USELESS.   I will need to do a quick add up to a grand total so far, bc it’s HOT and continues to make the BOSS hot and happy.   HAHAHAHHAAHAHAH  how long will iT work for BOSS ??? Boss is hoping LONG term, but things could happen, so I need to make sure iT’s release fee is REALLY HIGH so that iT can’t slut – and knows that being released will really REALLY hurt.  yum.

I’ve also decided I’m headed back to KOREA in the spring 😀  I can’t WAIT.   I’m diving back into MY Korean courses and probably go for about three weeks.  who’s paying ?  oh that’s right, NOT ME.  HAHAHAHAH I’ve already procured the promise of HEFTY tribute for airline and lodging from WORMY iT !! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA it shouldn’t be 10k this time, so iT has THAT going for iT. HAHAHHAHAHAH.   I LOVE to laugh at MY old, stupid iT. HAHAHHAHA   so start saving and working harder for MY money My minions.  I’ll be shopping MY tiny rice cakes OFF ! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH.   these are the things YOU work for, and sacrifice for.  to enrich MY life in every way possible.   Traveling opens the mind for the ELITE.  you don’t get to travel unless it’s for WORK — bc it’s NOT what you are programmed to do.  you should WANT these things for ME.   if you don’t, then you are serving the WRONG GODDESS.  I detest selfish money slaves.

If you don’t have My pay, you don’t stay.

Also, Birthmas is on it’s way, and now is the time to start thinking about giving up those bonus’ and gifts of cash from family over to ME.     I want :   New Macbook Air — New Ipad Air — PetSmart / Petco Gift cards for donations to TWO local shelters — CASH ( GR, GW, Iwantclips, clip via, niteflirt tribute )  for Korea — and Amazon gift certificates to My email.