Summertime is too short !

I’ve got a TON of updates to include you losers in, but I’m short on time, because tomorrow I leave for a trip home to visit family and friends !   This summer has been TOO short and TOO busy this year !  From Scouts surgery to the big event and cruise in October its been nothing but BUSY !   I have been of course been online and available to those who PAY for the privilege – I’ve got a zillion pics to upload, but here is something to tide you over until I return on Monday !  I finally hit 2741 items purchased on My Amazon Wishlist.  so YAY for that.  it was basically at a stand still ! I HATE that.

diamond toe ring from footwanker
Love these GZ's !

So, while I’m gone, I’ll be twittering as usual – My account is back to Private until Twitter fixes the follow request glitch – but then I may take it back off private to public.  I’ll be mobile on My blackberry and of course will have My handy dandy Ipad with Me !  I was going to bring My own hotspot, but screw it !  DON’T MESSAGE ME UNLESS IT’S TO HAND OVER MY MONEY !!!!  I put that in capital letters because I MEAN IT freaks.

SO much has been happening, and I do not have the time right now to go over all the exciting and profitable days thus far, so you’ll wait for it ! 😀