Time to Jet…

I’m ready and packed for MEXICO ! ¬†I can’t wait to see HaughtyFemdomagain and My virgin meeting with MizLindsay on Monday and will be first time traveling with MsKatieSavage !!!! The weather is looking so so – as long as it’s not storming or hurricane weather I think We will be just fine ūüėÄ ¬†Have YOU contributed to our diabolical FUN ? ¬† If NO, then you still get a chance to make ME smile and if YES – CONTRIBUTE MORE !!!!

We all have Master Suites ocean front and as My admirers know, I’m in LOVE with the Caribbean so I’ll be in heaven ūüėÄ ¬†MsKatieSavage arrive first due to the airlines changing our flights around a while back. ¬†I planned it so we would all be within 30 mins of each other upon arrival, but since they did that, we are getting in earlier, and have to leave earlier. ¬†So we will be up and ready to go around 3.30 !!!

This is the perfect time to get FOUR TIMES the verbal bashing and laughter when calling MY NITEFLIRT LINE. ¬† you can also keep shopping MY Amazon Wishlist¬†while I’m away, and sending CASH through VENMO. ¬† On Wed we are going on a hummer jungle excursion that will last ALL day and paid for by zee drone ( $590 ) instead of taking a bus with the commoners we will be driving our own hummer ( SO not good for the EARTH ) into the jungle to zipline, and go cave swimming and seeing Mayan ruins, lunch on a beach and then some exotic petting zoo ( lol ) ¬†that’s a lot to jam into one day, but we are CHAMPS. ¬† If it rains I think we will either parasail or do some ocean jet skiing too – ALSO if it rains, you will be paying for SPA time. ¬† beachside massages are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. ¬†Can you imagine rubbing MY BODY DOWN ? ¬†HAHAH the closet you will get MY little minions is PAYING for it so that I FEEL GOOD, and THAT is what it is ALL about !

Now, let’s discuss how you will communicate with ME while I’m away. ¬†Verizon doesn’t have a mexico plan, so I’m using pay as you go international service — that means if I’m not connected to WIFI or high speed inside the suite, you will NOT be hearing from Me. ¬† ALSO, if you text ME – it costs ME $$ so I suggest not doing so unless you get a text from ME first or the OK to do so. ¬†I could get a throw away phone or a tiny SIM card I think while I’m there, but not sure if I want to or have the time to. ¬† ¬†DO YOU GET WHAT I AM TELLING YOU ?

My Iphone5 came in, and I love it and I’m happy it was a week and half early so that I have it in Mexico, only to find out I can’t use it too much bc no international calling/data plan. ¬†I do remember the last time I went on My solo vacation I had My blackberry and I used it like I use it at home and My next bill was like $500 so yeah, you won’t be getting a lot of updates via twitter UNLESS the wifi is good and strong. ¬† however, if you are PAYING for My phone bill this month … well that’s a different story all together isn’t it ?!

MY sissybear was lucky enough to receive a used and WORN bikini for his sissy pleasure ! ¬†I also threw in some worn panties that I slept in for HER. ¬†Aren’t I the sweetest ? ¬†SHE now knows MY GODDESS SCENT, ¬†how JEALOUS are you ? ¬†HAAHAH she also sent $270 over the weekend for My first half of upgrades and My lash fluffing appointment. ¬†SHE is def a favorite ! tehehehehhe. ¬†Also a boy who I’ve renamed toeprint¬†¬†received a FEW pairs of toe printed shoes ( including some Coach flippies ) ¬†how’s that footboys ? ¬†how many of you have DREAMED of being on your knees worshipping MY feet ? HAHAHAAHAH he paid about $400 for them. ¬†totally WORTH IT if you ask him. HAHAHAH even though he’s not really a slave, he still enjoys seeing ME happy, so I’m SURE he’s going to find a way to get ME some CASH for My trip too ! RIGHT ?!!!! ¬†MY #1 paid MY bills last month ( more coming up ) and also for beauty treatments last week and received his weekly PIMP FEE. ¬†that’s right, I PIMP HIM OUT TO COCK to be used used used. ¬†I’m draining his accounts while he’s SUCKING and getting sprayed on. ¬†bahahhaha DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE IT ????? ¬† a new boy came around and has spent about $4,000 in the last few weeks. ¬†I was literally dripping wet every time I drained him. ¬†he was to wear panties every time we spoke. ¬†he forgot the first few times — after a verbal beatdown and punishment fine he’s been remembering JUST fine now. HAHAHHAHA. ¬†SO hot. ¬†SOOOOOO HOT. ¬† nameless sent $500 – but owes Me more at the end of the month when I get back from vacation – let’s take bets though —- will be pay or not ? ¬†I say he won’t. ¬† odds are and always favor ME. ¬† I also received a random $400 from a boy named Z and Niteflirt was nice enough NOT to tell Me and I just happened to login and find that. ¬†he also picked up a Tigers jersey for dave, and amazingggggggggg white top from My wishlist. ¬† His email to Me was told Me he was just around long enough to drain his accounts for ME — YUM — but wish he would stick around ūüėÄ ¬†he should def email ME again. HAHAHAH. ¬† OH bingie came back for a few days maybe ? ¬†I think he sent about $2,000 total. ¬† bingie is usually a very good binge loser, ¬†hopefully that house will sell and he’ll DEPOSIT large bills into MY account. HAHAHHA he’s a stupid bitch for NOT contributing to MY TRIP ( HINT, BITCH HINT ) ¬†fluffers came in for a minute and deposited $800 and then dipped – but I know that ass bitch wants My piss on him and he’ll be BACK ūüėÄ tommy lasted to about $1000 until he started crying and being a bitch again so he can fuck off until he pays the TWO requests I sent him. ¬†How is this bitch going to try and BLAME Me for his stupid fucking schedule ? ¬†I don’t give a fuck if you work 18 hours a day during rotations. ¬†when you are on a weekly schedule you fucking pay it – and if you didn’t talk to ME as much because YOU HAVE TO BE AT WORK, then how is that MY FAULT ? ¬†it’s not you stupid asshole. ¬†AND when you do message Me it’s stupid shit like ” hi princess ” ¬†or ” i miss you ” ¬†DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING RELEVANT TO ACTUALLY SAY ? ¬†USE YOUR BRAIN. ¬†SO sick of stupid ¬†boys. ¬†get a grip PLEASE. ¬†twitter admirer bought some amazing gifts for Me as well including more PLV’s and a dress to DIE for. ¬† he’s SO sweet I can’t stand it ūüėÄ ¬† agpayvictim sent another $300 I believe it was – and it’s time for a PAY PROJECT for him to complete as well ūüėÄ bahahhaha. ¬† There is more but at the moment I’m at a loss – In My Head I’m already laying on the beach in a bikini.

Cashing IN.
from twitter admirer
I want to f*ck your wallet

While I’m away, and still receiving your FUNDS — remember how you love to see Me happy and in PLEASURE MODE. ¬†it only benefits you, because when I’m happy you know you get rewarded., and you know that your $$ in MY Greedy hands makes ME juicy, wet and satisfied. ¬†ALWAYS KEEP ME IN THIS STATE !