Update 1 – Florida

Have you been waiting patiently for an update from The Asian Goddess ?  I know it’s been bothering Me not to have these done – so I can’t even imagine what you weak pathetic boys are going through waiting and waiting for an update 😛

It’s currently SNOWING outside …. the big fluffy kind of snowflakes.  It’s really depressing because last week when LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds and ME when to spend the night at Lemp Mansion ( update following this one ) it was 75 degrees out and I was rocking shorts !  Now its SNOWING.  The midwest weather is so ugly in non summer months.  ick.

Anyways, I’ll try and remember My five day trip to see My parents in Florida ….. If you’ve ever traveled with Me, you would know I have picked up some traits from My Dad ( nuture vs nature ) and I MUST print out everything – itinerary, boarding passes, car rental info, everything.  Even with tech today, I checked in via My Iphone and still printed out the boarding passes.  you don’t even want to know the amount of paperwork I had when I went to Mexico or the cruise last year 😛    So let’s see – tfloser paid for My airline tickets ( $600 plus ) and raz paid for My rental car ($260 ) so I had NOTHING to pay for … as usual.  We arrived around noon – took a little 40 minute drive to the middle of NO WHERE in Florida and entered My parents gated place.  there are about 50 different condo associations in there.  weird.  lots of old people of course and every few minutes you’d get a look at a small dog.  it’s a small dog parade down there 😀   

I really just relaxed and enjoyed My family – five days would seem like enough, but it wasn’t.  I could’ve stayed for weeks ! =) you losers also paid for My neice to fly down to see My parents as well so it was nice to have her around =) even if she was a crabapple bc she missed her boyfriend.  < eye roll here >  I did some drinking with her at the local bar next door — she was MUCH nicer then. LOL.   I did spend some time in the sun – but not nearly as much as I wanted to.  I took My neice shopping and of course while I was there – hollywood made  $500 cash deposit directly into My bank account. LOVE that !!!! 😀  hahhahahhaha.  

My parent’s condo is in a marina, so we went for a walk, and at the end of the dock were manatees.   all you see is their little noses come up for air !!!  lol.

manatee !!!!!! 😀

Hitting the pool for some much needed SUN and warmth — this was before an attack of black weird looking bugs attacked everyone at the pool.  they would come out in swarms !!! 

dipping My Toe$ in the pool
loser bathroom pic!

My neice and I headed to Coconut Point and did some serious shopping, and also headed to the Miramar Outlets right up the road !  I went shopping on hollywood of course, which I loveeee.  I really had no intentions of buying anything for Myself – I have YOU losers for that nonsense !  My neice is very persuasive 😛  It rained one day so we went to see a movie — blah blah blah.  boring stuff for you losers to read about I’m sure, but I needed that trip to restore My mind and soul from this longgggggggg gray winter 😀  

I did however send Iphone pics to AAA aka pastysalve while he was at work.  LOL he thought I was UNFAIR for sending him bikini shots.  how DARE he. LOLOLOL well it cost him $700 before I left — did you ever think you would read about someone who thinks I am unfair for showing him pics that YOU losers will never see ? 

hahhaha. drool – then pay.

Next update will be on the Haunted Lemp Mansion !!!   Update 3 will be what you losers are really waiting for – Pressie, Tribute and loser updates !!!! 😀

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