Valentine’s Day Update

I really can’t believe it’s been two weeks since My last blog update.  I’m going to try and cram everything in, I’m sure your eyes will start to bleed — but then again, do I really care ?!

Valentine’s Day started with a bang with $500 from hollywood and $200 last week !!!  hollywood is now on a strict weekly schedule of $500 minimum EVERY week for his OWNER and Greedy GODDESS 😀  The best part, is because I trust him, I gave him My account number to one of My bank accounts that is national and he skipped to the bank and made a CASH deposit directly in.  That is SOOO hot !!!! bahhahah

I’ve had some fun with trustfundloser,  he sent $400 in and paid My cable ( $250) and another bill, ( $ 231 ) then I had him scoop Me up My Florida airline tickets for next month ( March 7-11th) which cost him almost $600. bahhaha and that was on Southwest, so no upgrades this time around !  My rental car cost is $230 get on it.  trustfundloser (tfl) also drank A LOT of  beer and spent A LONG time on cam with Me that lucky little drone – and in the end when he ran out of beer he entertained — or rather tried to — Me by drinking a huge cup of warm beer piss.  I think he was hoping to recycle it.  HAHHAHAHHAHAH I of course took screen shots of it.  the little shit owes Me another $200 so don’t think you’re gonna just slip away for weeks like you usually do bitch.  HAHAHHA.

AAA MY pastyslave has been sacrificing just the way I like — with GREEN DOT !!!  $500 so far this month – and payday is TOMORROW – he got a little surprise MMS today for Valentines Day. hahhahhaha – how many weeks is it before you can release again ?  I totally forget. HAHAHHAA

The BEST gift I’ve received this far this year in 2011 is of course My new Verizon Iphone.  I’m so pleased with it ! of course you know I can’t wait until the Iphone 5 slated for release this summer, and since I was NICE enough to upgrade and not make you pay for the RETAIL price of this phone – that’s NOT how it’s going to be this summer — you WILL be paying FULL retail price for the new one.  Bank on it bitch !!! HHAHAH so raz paid for MY iphone and also sent along $200 AND paid My cell phone bill on top of that. bahhahaha – AND of course went shopping on My Amazon wishlist because he knows he’s obsessed about EVERY SINGLE PART OF ME and he knows that’s his new religion in life — it even makes a presence in his vanilla work day — he sees MY NAME constantly and HAS to obey that craving to sacrifice and give.  raz also bought Me a necklace and matching earrings of plumeria, My favorite flower !!!

another apple product from raz ! HA

A few new boys have come to give the money that is so rightfully Mine lately as well — a new boy named “b” gave ME a few Itunes gift cards which have been used enjoyed A LOT and I need many more of those of course !!!  sissybear bought some cute bebe shorts from My wishlist — do you remember the boy who wrote Me a lovely email and spent about $400 ?  yeah he’s disappeared already, must be having that old age struggle for you drones – – you just don’t get it do you ?  you were born — you were destined to be MY money slave.  the sooner you realize and accept that – the more content in your sacrifice you will be.   I do know who he is now though – and I could swear he’s tributed and served before.  his name looks awfully familiar ! KR 😀

jerkoff has  been addicted to My constant abuse of his credit lines. $1300 so far in the last few weeks.  what a weak bitch.  I love easy manipulated boys who KNOW that I deserve it all. hahhaha.  $400 from a footlover from Glamworship – and last week I think there was a slut who dropped about $300 there.  agpayvictim is recovering from the abuse I inflicted ( that he LOVESSSSS ) and sent $100 but more will be coming — I’ve always got plans for his credit line. hahahhaha.    My twitter admirer picked up My 3rd touchless trashcan !  the first one broke from old age, this second one I had went bezerk bc there was a dent in the ” eye ” part so it just opens and closes constantly, and I realllly hate touching trash, so I”m so pleased that it’s coming it, he also picked up My favorite thing in the whole wide world.  dark chocolate covered cherries.  Not the cream ones, ick, and they are already all gone.  and they were delicious ! <3  footwanker came out and bought two pairs of Coach flipflops and another diamond toe ring,  messenger bag for superdave from thecuck.

boobiezombie is slowly trying to come back — again … yeah, I got it like that.  he said himself he’s totally programmed to only be fucked over and abused by ME.  Yeah, he totally is.  that needy fuck !  $1,000 to get back in — I’m expecting the first installment of $500 some time this week and he also picked up another bikini for Me – brazillian of course 😀  YOU WISH bitches.

tunic/dress from bingie. arcona from raz
abercrombie from bingie
Refill ! My favorite
Vitamin A bikini from aussie oinkers !
😀 necessary !
raz, kurt and twitter admirer
bingie and aussie oinkers
Juicy Jammies from kurtie
VS tshirts bingie and sky dress from kurtie
from footwanker
from cuckie
diamond toe ring from footwanker
from a twitter admirer ! YUM.