Viva Mexico !

I’m back in the cold and the snow !!!  I had an A M A Z I N G time thanks to little agpayvictim – first class accomadations all the way — business class flight upgrades thanks to aussie oinkers 😀  I got a killer 80 minute swedish massage poolside which was desperately needed,  I soaked in My personal hot tub and the resort hotel every single day, and spent lazy days at the pool on outside beds 😀  that’s how I LOVE to vacation ( not superdave’s cup of tea – he can’t stand laying out in the sun ) which is to do NOTHING and just soak in the sun and listen to the ocean.  My suite was just as I expected ( I did massive research on trip advisor and every other travel site I could find ) – gorgeous and the balcony and the view MADE the trip.  It was WAY too fast, next time I will be going for much longer !   

I don’t speak much Spanish ( other than what you learn in highschool ) but I didn’t have any problems communicating with locals and resort crew.  the resort was like Disney World as far as cleanliness, in fact, at times it was CREEPY bc the place was SO clean and lots of crew members constantly cleaning – and I’m talking about hand cleaning stair railings clean !  not a cup or a ciggie butt on the ground EVER !!!

I didn’t take hardly ANY pics of Myself — I guess I was just too absorbed in the scenary to care !  the pics below in the slideshow I basically took an hour before I left the resort and it was kind of cloudy, so I guess you’ll just have to imagine 😛  

Many people and friends were concerned about Me traveling to Mexico alone.  I laugh at this – I’m quite independent and don’t NEED or really WANT to be around other people when I’m in relax mode – and Mexico – where I was, a tourist city, is SO safe – just use your common sense and you’ll be fine – just like you would be IN ANY CITY IN THE USA.   I could definietly tell who was American and who wasn’t.  you men really gross Me out the way you LEER and STARE at pretty ladies ( yes I’m talking about ME ) you fat ugly freaks.  REALLY ? do you think I would ACTUALLY be interested in speaking to you ? omfg that’s a JOKE.   From what I understand right now – the main clients are coming from Brazil, Austraila and Canada and USA.   there were A LOT of thongs and speedos.  a ton !   very few Americans there, but the ones that WERE there were an embarrasement, so much so that I didn’t even want to admit I was from the USA.  yes, people, THAT bad !   of course, as soon as the wifeys show up – the ” men ” are all quiet and well behaved.  makes ME SICK.  do you wifes NOT KNOW who you are married to ?  gross. gross. gross !  

I’m already planning the rest of the year’s travel.  I have the travel bug BAD !  I’m headed to Florida first week in March to visit My snowbird parents for 5 days, and in October, planning a trip to United States Virgin Islands St Johns for our first Anniversary trip … going totally eco resort – this pleases superdave 😛   Maybe the Bahamas first week of December too with HaughtyFemDom !!!  In between these planned trips, I’m sure I’m going to be making last minute destination deals on expedia 😛  Jamiaca sounds fun yes ?  get those wallets out boys – I have ENOUGH stuff from My wishlist, now its time to make your MONEY make amazing memories and photos for ME ! bahahhahahahha yesssssss.  


I’ve got more pressies to update you on – but it took Me forever to do the above slideshow, so I’ll finish a pressie update this week or something.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate it won’t you bitches ?  Here is a personal video tour of My suite !

MORE $$$$$$$$