Wedding, Honeymoon Cruise, Scout RIP

So tomorrow I’m off to start My adventure on My honeymoon as a married chick ! crazzzzzy !!!  So – here’s the skinny – we are leaving tomorrow morning to fly to Tampa and stay the night, then on Sunday we take off on our 7 day cruise !  I got an upgrade to the Penthouse Suite ( only six of them on the boat ! ) with VIP status so we will be able to board and de board easy and pie ! so that’s very exciting.  Tropical Storm Paula is kind of making a mess of things over there, but it looks like she will be in Cuba when we leave Tampa port.  but who knows really ?  I don’t care – I’ll be on a floating city ( casino !!! ) 

Wedding – so a lot of you have been asking HOW it went.  it went greattttt.  the weather was strange – almost 90 degrees in October, so poor davey in his tux was warmmmm bc it was of course an outdoor wedding.  the ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes – and then we took some professional pics and then went back to MY place to party it up a little before heading out to dinner with everyone.   I LOVE fusion tappas !!!!!  We had a GREAT time and got more $$$$$ for our wedding day which was unexpected since I made the rule about NO GIFTS or CASH… but no one listened.  YAY Me.   As soon as more professional pics are posted on photographers blog, then I’ll post as I get.  I won’t receive the disc for at least a month.   and a special THANK YOU to HaughtyFemDom who flew in from the east coast =) we didn’t get to spend too much time together ( I was kinda busy and all ) but I did get to give her a big hug =) YAY.

I’ve added the international plan to MY blackberry while I’m gone.  BBM’s are free of course, and I should be connected a lot by yahoo messenger, although that could change.  DO NOT MESSAGE ME for chit chat and how I’m doing.  ONLY MESSAGE ME to throw your $$$$$ at ME and MY husband ( weird ) got it ?  you will be ignored and blocked.  I dont have time for bullshit.   and I won’t make time for it either bitches.  I’m probably bringing My macbook but only to really upload pics.  but maybe I’ll get on YIM if its raining and we are bored or something …… doubt it.  but maybe

As most of you know – Scout baby was put to sleep on Wed.  we are very sad, but he’s been in a lot of chronic pain the last four months.  including an un necessary surgery back at the beginning of the year that I think really chain started this whole thing for him.  I was and am still so sad for the loss.  he was 13 years old and davey has had him since he was just 12 weeks old from the pound.   he’s only lived with Me for seven years.  so the loss is much more profound for davey.   but ultimately it was his decision.  We held him and gave him hershey kisses and the night before he got a hugeeee $30 steak for dinner.  RIP Scout baby.  you are already missed so much – no one is here to follow Me to the bathroom just to watch Me pee.  No one is here to bark when I give a pillow attention ( jealous dog ! lol ) and no one barks like he does when he hears a noise.  its quiet.  My little dog Joey doesn’t seem to care too much – but Ms Abby is having tummy problems and not sure if its bc she’s grieving or if she just has an upset tummy !!!  LuxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds will be here dog/kitty sitting the rest of the family while I’m gone =) YAY !

RIP Scout baby

I got a Tribute the other day in My PP – and I have ZERO idea who its from which is weird, so if you sent it – email Me – so I know if its legit, or if someone like an ebayer sent it on accident ……  thanks.  

Here I comeeeeeeee <3