you ARE an addicted victim …

Hello, Goddess Karen,Please abuse me, Goddess Karen.Please take advantage of me, Goddess Karen.

Please treat me with contempt, Goddess Karen.

Please shit on me, Goddess Karen.

Please treat me any way you want to, Goddess Karen.

Your abuse slave,

bitch bingie

Not a problem at all. HAHHAHAHAH 😀  I’m expecting My second MACBOOK PRO from bingie today.  it’s currently out for delivery. HAHAHHA  he was LATE with MY Daily Devotion yesterday so he had to PAY of course.  HAHAH $200 yesterday and another $200 today.  I’ve also assigned him a new dyson and a TAYLOR guitar.  he WILL be buying ASAP. :D:D:D  HAHHAHA – there are some other things on there too I want picked up — plus he will be paying his RELEASE fee !! HAHAH  GET TO WORK BITCH.  I WANT = YOU GIVE.

EDIT — just picked up from My UPS box from bingie.  😀  I love being spoiled !

from bingie !

Last night – aussie oinkers made an appearance in MY IM box, and he bought ME some new bras and panties from MY wishlist 😀  which, by the way climbed up to3216 by this morning since My last update ! HAHHAHA I love all you pathetic BOYS.

BEST BOY ( or should I say girl ) spent a shit ton this week – HOLLYWOOD sent $3600 the last 4 days.  plus spent $300 on MY Victoria Wishlist and also another $5-600 on MY Amazon wishlist !!! HAHAH I’ve invited him here to STL to start his sissification !!! HAHAH it’s going to be an expensive trip, bc you KNOW I’m going to include My girls – LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds.  gonna pimp this bitch outtttttttt !!!! HAHHAHAHAH  that $500 a week went up pretty quick 😛  I’m also on his life insurance and soon I’ll be on his direct deposit for a CHUNK of his earnings.  HAHHAAH it should ALL got to ME I think. HAHHAHAHAH

MORE bitches MORE !!!


HAHHAAH so yeah — was a GREAT week and only looking forward to raping and abusing you money slave addicted fetish boys even more in MAY. HAHHAHAHA